THE PUSH is a hit: we're getting closer and closer to 200 excellent subject-specific P-12 blogs! However, we're in a really tough stretch right now. Yesterday we only identified 2 excellent family / consumer sciences education blogs. We’re doing okay in most other areas but could use some help with these:

  • drama / theater education blogs (only have 1),
  • vocational / applied / industrial technology education blogs (only have 2), and
  • physical / health education blogs (only have 5).

Today we focus on AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION. What are some excellent agricultural education blogs that P-12 Ag educators should be reading? We need both elementary and secondary examples. If you know of some, please add them to the Moving Forward wiki.

Why are we doing this?

  • To identify blogs that P-12 teachers can use to initially seed (or expand) their RSS readers
  • To create a single location where P-12 educators can go to see excellent subject-oriented educational blogging
  • To highlight excellent disciplinary blogging that deserves larger audiences
  • To learn from disciplines other than our own and get ideas about our own teaching and/or blogging

Thanks in advance for helping with this initiative. If we all contribute, two weeks from now we should have a bevy of excellent subject-specific blogs to which we can all point. Please spread the word about THE PUSH!