Here are my top 10 2008 K12 Online Conference podcasts for busy principals and superintendents (in no particular order). These are the K12 Online presentations that I think are most likely to interest, educate, and entertain administrators as well as make them think!

  1. There’s something going on here you need to know about… (Dennis Richards)
  2. Current leadership models are inadequate for disruptive innovations (Scott McLeod)
  3. The voices of School 2.0: School reform as described by the words and images of the people of the Science Leadership Academy (Chris Lehmann)
  4. I like Delicious things: An introduction to tagging and folksonomies (Chris Betcher)
  5. Telling the new story: Leverage points for inspiring change orientation (David Warlick)
  6. Oh the possibilities (Lisa Parisi)
  7. Games in education (Sylvia Martinez)
  8. Facilitating technology integration: A synthesis of the research (Jon Becker)
  9. “What did you do in school yesterday, today, and three years ago?” (H Songhai)
  10. Parental engagement in the 21st century: Leveraging Web 2.0 tools to engage parents in non-traditional ways (Lorna Constantini & Matt Montagne)

Load these onto an iPod, hand it to a busy school administrator, and say, “Here are some presentations that I think you’ll enjoy while you’re exercising or driving around. After you’ve listened to a few, let me know what you think!”


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