The dopamine:yawn ratio

When I think about the edubloggers that I most look forward to reading every day, their posts are very high in this ratio:


Or, put more succinctly:


This is just another way of reframing the old adage that you need to be interesting if you want readers, but I kind of like it.

We all have different interests so the list of edubloggers whose dopamine:yawn ratio is high will be different for each of us. For myself, some (but by no means all) of the edubloggers whose posts tend to fall primarily in the numerator rather than the denominator include:

and, before they stopped:

  • Christian Long
  • Jennifer Jennings (eduwonkette)
  • Kilian Betlach

How about you? Who do you think has a high dopamine:yawn ratio?

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  1. Thanks, Scott. I’m honored to be included with that group!

    In my aggregator the top folder is one named First Reads which includes the feeds from many of the people on your list (including yours). While some days are so busy I don’t get below that folder, I always make time to read the posts in it.

  2. Similarly, Tim, I have a folder at the top of my aggregator called ‘Short List.’ I, too, often don’t get below that folder on many days. I try to, though, in order to broaden my input and avoid the echo chamber!

  3. One edu-blogger whose work I enjoy reading is Sean Nash over at nashworld ( He not only writes in a thought-provoking way, but also connects his ideas using stunning visuals. I have to admit that I am partial to Sean’s blog because we’ve made “virtual connections” several occasions via his blog and social networking tools. His horn deserves to be tooted a bit more often, in my opinion, due to his “dopamine”-filled work!

  4. Don’t forget Darren Kuropatwa at Especially if you like visual stuff!

  5. Hey- here’s a funny one… I wondered why Feedjit was registering a bunch of people coming in to a my blog from a URL that didn’t exist in my root.

    Apparently, Matt’s link above includes the “)” at the end as well.

    And by the way, Matt. I’ve been called a dope many times, and yet this one was by far the most flattering.

    Thanks for the kind words!


  6. While we’re on the topic… allow me to too in the name of Punya Mishra. For those uninititated, this is the Dr. Mishra of the TPACK framework.

    I never miss his blog. He writes about education, technology, visualization, and much more. You will certainly find an eclectic mix following Punya at:

  7. Thanks, Scott. I am humbled by the comment.

    It’s a little scary making such a list since I KNOW that I will always leave out someone who deserves to be on it.

    While it is heavy on library-related issues, I find Stephen’s Lighthouse reliably reports on the newest studies and reports in educational technology

    All the best,


  8. @Doug: Yeah, I was a little hesitant too! This is by no means a comprehensive list for me but it does represent a significant portion of the folks that, personally, I find especially meaningful.

  9. Scott – I’m very honored to be on your list. It really is fun to be out here amongst some of the smartest people I have ever read. Many thanks. I’ve passed you along to many of my cohort mates at Seton Hall.

  10. I’m honored by the company. Feeling guilty about lack of posts lately. Gotta go write something!

  11. Great list here. Dan and Will are among my must-reads. Another blog I enjoy, and it’s actually a podcast, is the Practical Principals put out by Scott Elias and Melinda Miller. And now, like Sylvia, I’m feeling a little guilty about not posting for quite a while! Better do something about that, especially now that it’s spring break.

  12. Thanks for including me on this list. I must say, seeing the others I am humbled to be included here. I know that my posting has not been what it use to be but we all go through droughts. I do know that most of these people are must reads for me. I agree with Rick about the podcast |Practical |Principals. It is a great podcast. I’ve several great posts just waiting to go, now to find the time!!! Again, it is an honour to be included here.

  13. Thanks Scott! Appreciate the mention. The link you used is to my old site. Here’s the new one.


  14. Sorry, Jeff. Not sure how that happened. I fixed it!

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