Video – My session with the Heartland AEA 11 superintendents

For your viewing pleasure this weekend, here’s my session with the Heartland AEA 11 (Iowa) superintendents. The video’s just over an hour long: about 25 minutes of my presentation followed by discussion (and a copy of Did You Know? 2.0). The video was filmed and edited by Dr. Gordon Dahlby, Director of Curriculum and Technology for the West Des Moines (IA) Community Schools (thanks, Gordon!). My presentation materials and other resources are available at the web page I made for the group

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  1. @ Scott
    This is a great presentation. You are truly doing great work. We are working on some of these issues and are working on a new scheduling concept to help make better use of the time at school. If you get a free moment check out Thanks for sharing this video as well. It is interesting to hear the responses from various superintendents.

  2. FYI, Evan Abbey has a post that discusses this presentation:

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