February 12 at 5:30pm – That’s tonight!

tribessidebarTonight’s the night! Including myself, we’ll have 19 people for our discussion of Tribes here in Ames. I’m really looking forward to the conversation.

We’re going to do our best to record our chat for later download. I think that Mike Sansone and/or Angela Maiers might be live tweeting the discussion on Twitter. Mike also was making some noise about maybe live streaming. I'm letting others step up on this one rather than trying to control the event. We'll see what happens!

5 Responses to “February 12 at 5:30pm – That’s tonight!”

  1. Any chance you can stream the discussion? I’d love to evesdrop.

  2. Tim, I’m not going to deal with streaming. Sorry. It’s a big group and I want to be a good discussion facilitator and focus on the needs of the folks who are there. Mike may stream it…

  3. Wish I could be there!

  4. Might be…of course I will be live Tweeting! Can hardly wait! You can follow the tweets at @angelamaiers!

  5. You stream this and we will come

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