Michael Petrilli’s article on the education blogosphere is now available at Education Next:

Here’s a quick quote from the article:

[I]f I asked what Diane Ravitch, Jack Jennings, and Kati Haycock have in common, you would say they are all contributors to K–12 education policy debates, oft quoted in the nation’s leading newspapers. But what about Will Richardson, Joanne Jacobs, and Eduwonkette? If these names are unfamiliar to you, it’s time to visit the education blogosphere.

Petrilli’s stats are from August, so things have changed quite a bit since then. Not his fault, of course, but yet another example of the lack of timeliness of print publication…

I’m a fan of Education Next. The articles typically are well-written and on interesting topics (see, e.g., the forum article on virtual schools or the article on turnaround leadership) and I invariably have my thinking challenged. If you haven’t checked it out, maybe it’s time you do!