Dean Shareski’s a sharp cookie, Carolyn Foote’s my savior, Miguel Guhlin’s a beach bum, and Doug Johnson’s a curmudgeon. David Jakes is under the bus, Cheryl Oakes likes cobbler, and Jon Becker likes waffles. Sylvia Martinez is a rock star, and Jeff Utecht is … hey, where’s Jeff? Darren Draper’s on the A list and I proudly hung with some guys on the D list. I tell you, NECC 2008 was smokin’ hot!

A shout out to ALL my new Edubloggercon / NECC Unplugged / Blogger’s Cafe / San Antone peeps! Pry those iPhones from the Tweetin’ fingers of Wes Fryer and Chris Lehmann. Surgically remove the webcams from Lisa Parisi and Steve Dembo. Tell Konrad Glogowski to quit his TV repair business. Y’all get some rest ‘cause next year we’ll be in my hometown, the nation’s capital – er, capitol – um, das kapital – oh, you know, that place where I’m Just A Bill was filmed.

Remember the Alamo! (if you can after all those prickly pear margaritas)

A few more pictures from my NECC Flickr set

Doug and Sylvia
Nancy, Lisa, and Cheryl
Carolyn, Cheryl, and Derrall
Scott and Scott
Tracy and Scott
John and Brian
Bud and Scott
Miguel and Scott
Miguel, Wes, and Tim
Miguel, Ann, Wes, Doug, and Cathy
Barbara, John, and Dan