NECC 2008 – See you next year!

Dean Shareski’s a sharp cookie, Carolyn Foote’s my savior, Miguel Guhlin’s a beach bum, and Doug Johnson’s a curmudgeon. David Jakes is under the bus, Cheryl Oakes likes cobbler, and Jon Becker likes waffles. Sylvia Martinez is a rock star, and Jeff Utecht is … hey, where’s Jeff? Darren Draper’s on the A list and I proudly hung with some guys on the D list. I tell you, NECC 2008 was smokin’ hot!

A shout out to ALL my new Edubloggercon / NECC Unplugged / Blogger’s Cafe / San Antone peeps! Pry those iPhones from the Tweetin’ fingers of Wes Fryer and Chris Lehmann. Surgically remove the webcams from Lisa Parisi and Steve Dembo. Tell Konrad Glogowski to quit his TV repair business. Y’all get some rest ‘cause next year we’ll be in my hometown, the nation’s capital – er, capitol – um, das kapital – oh, you know, that place where I’m Just A Bill was filmed.

Remember the Alamo! (if you can after all those prickly pear margaritas)

A few more pictures from my NECC Flickr set

Doug and Sylvia
Nancy, Lisa, and Cheryl
Carolyn, Cheryl, and Derrall
Scott and Scott
Tracy and Scott
John and Brian
Bud and Scott
Miguel and Scott
Miguel, Wes, and Tim
Miguel, Ann, Wes, Doug, and Cathy
Barbara, John, and Dan

12 Responses to “NECC 2008 – See you next year!”

  1. Scott,

    Glad we hooked up in the airport. Even though I never flew out, I would have missed the opportunity to chat with you.

    Glad I fooled you into thinking I was smart. When will they find me out?

  2. I’m really glad I got a chance to meet you. I only wish we’d had more time to chat. Maybe in DC in 2009.

  3. It was an honor and a pleasure to finally met you, Scott. Thanks for positive approach to all of this.

    Onward and upward,


  4. Scott,

    It was so great meeting you in person and having the chance to talk face-to-face. I look forward to future conversations!


  5. Rock on!

    It was such an amazing fun experience at NECC this year. I’ve been to a lot of conferences and I’ve never met so many new people at once. I’m on a bit of overload!

  6. Scott,

    Your link to the people on the “D-list” intrigued me, so I checked it out. Interestingly enough, I had stumbled upon the book The Art of Possibility about a year and a half ago. It is a book I have re-read a few times now and always take something away. I love the principles laid out by the Zanders – to live by and to influence my work and my relationships. It is probably not one that would be on a list of “must reads” for leaders – it has a somewhat different perspective that all may not agree with, nor appreciate. However, I found it to be very powerful! Thanks for the link – it was great to hear and see an author delivering a piece of a message I had read awhile ago!

  7. I enjoyed meeting you. Necc was overwhelming and yet I learned a lot! Thank you for adding to the experience.

  8. Thanks Scott for the time and the picture. I look forward to following up on the graduate program. It would be nice to push the Uni to move the entire program all online so those of us who want to work with the best can do so without having to uproot the entire family!

  9. Great to meet you Scott. Your post and the photos from your Flickr set brought a smile to my face as I thought about being at NECC. I sincerely hope to see and talk with you again.

  10. Glad to have met you and yes, next year your backyard!

  11. Scott;

    It was great meeting you and hanging out at the Bloggers’ Cafe. I learned a tremendous amount just sitting and listening. Great pictures by the way. Best Wishes: John


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