Leadership Day 2008 is tomorrow

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Hope you’ll join me tomorrow for Leadership Day 2008. Please use these tags to mark your post: leadershipday2008, schooltechleadership


  1. The Science Goddess:

    I didn’t tag it as requested, but here’s the permalink to my post: http://whatitslikeontheinside.com/2008/07/independence.html

  2. Stephanie Sandifer:

    Just posted:

    I know — you’re probably going to push back on my use of the term “learner” :) It’s fundamentally about a mindset of approaching each day as a learning opportunity. What will I learn today as opposed to what will I teach today… How will I learn today? How will I facilitate the learning of others today? Notice the emphasis on “how” as opposed to “what”. I guess I’ll just address this in a whole separate post. :)

    Happy Leadership Day!

  3. Justin B.:

    Not sure if my tags worked, so here is a link: http://edjurist.com/2008/07/04/school-law-professors–technology.aspx

  4. Tracy Rosen:

    I’m in the same boat as Justin. I wonder how long technorati takes to organize posts that have been similarly tagged?

    So here is my post:
    Essential Questions for EdTech –> http://leadingfromtheheart.org/2008/07/04/edtechleadership-2/

  5. Jeanette:

    Ditto Justin and Tracy:


  6. Lisa Simonet Sjogren:

    Thanks Scott for the opportunity to write about leadership. Here is my post:


    I look forward to reading the others.

  7. Rob Jacobs:

    Technorati Issues! Here is my link

  8. Edwin Wargo:

    I’m a bit late and not sure if Technorati is finding the tags…

    Here’s my contribution:

    I look forward to reading everyone’s thoughts.