NECC button contest: We have a winner!

NECC_Button_MoseleyAfter much deliberation and several delays, Wesley Fryer and I have picked a winner for the NECC button design contest. We had 22 different button submissions. We narrowed it down to 5 finalists, did some rank ordering, and then I made the ultimate call (so blame me, not Wesley, if yours didn’t get chosen). All the submissions were much better than anything I would have designed, so I’m glad that we had the contest!

Kudos to Bill Moseley for having the winning design. As promised, Bill receives everlasting fame, a CASTLE mug, one of the buttons, a t-shirt with his design on it, a picture of a monster from my 4-year-old

(Colin’s the one with the curly hair), and a copy of Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky. Nice work, Bill!

[update: Bill has released this image with a Creative Commons license, saying, "Share it with anyone and everyone. This is about communicating the idea, right? If my image helps, then great!"]

A big, big thanks to everyone who participated. I will bring several hundred of the buttons to your mailing address and I’ll send you a button!

8 Responses to “NECC button contest: We have a winner!”

  1. Looking forward to getting one!

  2. Bill was my Master’s of Educational Technology professor at Pepperdine University and an overall great guy! He definitely challenged us to take on the learning revolution! Congrats Bill – See ya in Second Life!

  3. That monster picture is AWESOME! I’m psyched, and honored. My hand actually looks like that, BTW (when I am cluthing my mouse in a revolutionary pose).

  4. er, clutching, that is.

  5. Is that a three button mouse? We need a Mac version…

    Just kidding. Congratulations, Bill.

  6. three button mouse? lol that made my day

  7. Congrats to a fellow OMAET grad!

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