I’m no cover model…

CICOne of the perks of being named a Leader in Learning by the cable industry is that you usually get a profile in its monthly magazine. This month’s issue of Cable in the Classroom magazine features yours truly. They labeled me a ‘tech evangelist,’ which is true enough. I thought the short piece was well done and was pleased to see that they also included a link to my podcast interview from last June. I’m still a little freaked by the fact that my mug is on the cover of a magazine (that’s Wikinomics under my hand, by the way)…

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  1. Dr. McLeod,

    That’s a great book to have under your arm! You might want to also check out the ongoing discussion on our wikinomics blog – Anthony has a particularly interesting post on Wikinomics and the future of education, and there many more to be found if you click on the education tag.


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