Managers wanted: Edublogger fantasy baseball

444627393_dc970a5678An idea so brilliant that I’m ashamed I didn’t think of it earlier: edublogger fantasy baseball! 12 edubloggers. An online fantasy baseball league. Winner gets online bragging rights and an actual, physical trophy courtesy of CASTLE. Hey, if we’re a virtual community, let’s do it right!

Here are the settings for the league. Competition will start next Monday. Since it’s after the start of the season, we’ll do an autopick draft which will occur Sunday morning (you still can rank your picks ahead of time). Maybe next year we can do a live draft instead.

Interested? The first 11 edubloggers that with the word BASEBALL in the title of their e-mail are in!

Rules of participation

  • Must be willing to engage in friendly banter with other participants
  • Don’t join if you’re not going to be a good sport
  • Participants, team rosters, league standings, etc. are fodder for public disclosure on blogs, Twitter, and so on
  • All decisions of the commissioner (me) are final

Play ball!

2 Responses to “Managers wanted: Edublogger fantasy baseball”

  1. Doesn’t something like this require actual knowledge of baseball? Beyond the fact that the Washington DC team is called the Nationals and just opened a new stadium (local media won’t let us escape that much knowledge), I’m pretty much baseball stupid. I’ll be the fantasy fan. 🙂

  2. I’ll have to be a fan too. I’m still having trouble understanding all of the March Madness posts.:)

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