Make something happen

Hey, principals! Superintendents! Teachers!*


On a related note, here’s what I’ve been saying a lot lately…


* Seth Godin, Free Prize Inside (p. 47)

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  1. @Scott
    I had the privilege of taking classes with a great professor by the name of Mike Risen. He said, “You can find an average school with a great principal but you’ll never find a great school with an average principal.” His subtle way of pointing out the importance of leadership is profound.

  2. Interesting. I know a principal that consistently challenges teachers to “make learning happen”.

    He also asks teachers to take the hope out of teaching. As in: I hope the students understand this or I hope they pass the state test.

  3. Scott- This is soooo true. I teach at an online school that considers itself fairly progressive. We have a principal who is all about big ideas and change. However, that principal doesn’t participate in the day-to-day tasks to make those changes happen. We are a charter school without unions and a principal who won’t fire horrible teachers. We are an online school with a principal who won’t answer his emails. At profound statements and caring for students he gets it, at actually making that happen…. not so much.

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