2008 Fantastic Commenter Award

FantasticCommenter2008_150pxAs I said last May…

In the blogosphere we pay a lot of attention to the folks who blog. We rarely, if ever, recognize those folks who comment. But of course the power of blogs would be greatly diminished if folks weren’t willing to add their commentary to others’ posts.

So continuing my idea from last year, here are my first two recipients of this year’s Fantastic Commenter Award (who can now post this badge with pride!):

Do you know someone who always leaves great comments? Please recognize him or her with this badge (or make your own!). [Note: you must be given this award by someone else. You can’t just recognize yourself!]

Fantastic Commenter Badge

Recognize someone today. You know he/she deserves it!

2 Responses to “2008 Fantastic Commenter Award”

  1. Thanks for the great idea and the certificate! Recognizing our readers is the least we can do.

  2. @Scott
    Thanks for the honors. I’ve been away at a weekend retreat and have been unable to visit the web. Thanks for the honor. I will be posting my ribbon on my blog. Thanks to you for giving me so many great posts to comment on.

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