Videos from Nathan Lowell

I just discovered, courtesy of Kim Cofino on Twitter, these videos by Nathan Lowell. They definitely deserve greater attention…

A view of 21st century learners

Welcome to your world

Free range learning

Nice work, Nathan! I’ve added these to the Moving Forward wiki

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  1. Just posted these videos to my “Continuing Education” blog ( which I had originally set up to accompany my working on School Library Learning 2.0 endeavor last spring. Occasionally I add a new post when I see something which piques my interest or I’d just like to share with others going through the course. Thanks for these wonderful videos from Nathan Lowell.

  2. Thanks, Scott (and Tom).

    The Free Range learning vid was part of an experiment in video that I did some time ago.

    “View of 21st Century Learners” was to get people to start thinking beyond the cute kids and technosavvy college students. Yea, the kids are 21st century learners but everybody ELSE is to. And the idea that the kids will be working at jobs that don’t exist yet isn’t exactly new. When *I* was in school there was no internet. No personal computers. I’m doing a job that didn’t exist 35 years ago.

    “Welcome to your world” was a response to one of my students who asked “Yea? so? what do all these tools mean? What makes the information more valuable now than before?”

    People do seem to be finding them interesting …

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