As Avinash Kaushik points out, there are many different metrics to measure your blog’s success. Some common metrics include subscribers, page ‘hits,’ and Technorati rank or authority.

Another useful metric might be the average number of comments per blog post, or comment intensity. The table below shows the comment intensity for five blogs: this one, dy/dan, Weblogg-ed, Cool Cat Teacher, and Ewan McIntosh’s


Charting the results shows the big spikes that Weblogg-ed and Dangerously Irrelevant had for two recent posts:


As the table shows, a large readership total doesn’t always correspond to a high comment intensity (at least in this small sample). dy/dan has the lowest Technorati rank/authority but its median comment intensity over the past twenty posts is right there with Weblogg-ed…

What’s your comment intensity?