Comfort foods meme

CountryfriedsteakComfort foods. We all have them. Foods that make us feel all warm and cozy inside, not just because they taste yummy but also because they evoke memories of happy times and places. A hot dog at Coney Island. Your grandma’s secret-recipe chocolate chip cookies. Your dad’s chili. A Philly cheesesteak (street vendor only, please!). You get the picture…

Here are five of mine:

  1. Country-fried steak and gravy
  2. Warm peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream
  3. Fried catfish
  4. A mug of warm Jello after a day of playing in the snow
  5. Watermelon (with a little salt)

I’ll tag five folks across the globe to get this meme started. Want to participate? Don’t wait to be tagged! Simply use this Technorati tag: comfortfoods comfortfoods08 (thanks for the suggestion, Miguel!)

Let’s see if we can hear from…

  1. Miguel Guhlin
  2. Dean Shareski
  3. Julie Lindsay
  4. Mark van ‘t Hooft
  5. Terry Freedman

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2 Responses to “Comfort foods meme”

  1. Scott, thanks for the tag. Please find my entry–with a few suggestions–online at:

    I’m recommending you update the meme tag to “comfortfoods08” and use that tag on Flickr. I’ve started the ball rolling on Flickr with the tag.

    Around the corner,

    Miguel Guhlin

  2. Wow. One of my students is doing an independent writing/blogging project called “Grandma’s Apple Pie” that is precisely about comfort foods, their recipes, and the memories they evoke.

    Give her a visit at Grandma’s Apple Pie – she’s looking for podcast guests for weekly conversations about these things 🙂

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