DABA: Carolyn Foote

This week’s recipient of the crimson megaphone is Carolyn Foote, a high school librarian in Austin, Texas. Carolyn blogs at Not So Distant Future and is definitely someone that deserves a bigger audience (DABA).

Here are a few posts to get you started:

Happy reading!

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  1. Scott,

    Wow, so nice to be at Educon and get a nice surprise like this!

    Thanks for the nod 🙂

  2. I’m heading back in to read more of Carolyn’s posts. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon her insightful “Desperately Seeking Engagement” post a while back, but I’ve sent that one on to a number of colleagues and also printed it out (something I rarely do).

  3. A colleague of mine and I have been discussing your DABA list. We enjoy the introduction to new blogs and have become curious to know more about your list. How do you determine which blogs to highlight? Do you have a set criteria or is it more fluid? She noted some patterns with the authors and was wondering if that is an issue with the blogosphere as a whole. You have highlighted mostly male bloggers and mostly individuals who are somewhat removed from the daily experience of the classroom. We ended up wondering if classroom teachers don’t blog as often or don’t tend to be as thoughtful in their posts. As you have knowledge of the wide range of blogs we are wondering what your thoughts are on the subject.

  4. Hi, Jenny. I’ll respond here instead of to the e-mail you sent me so that others can see my response. I blog about leadership issues so I tend to resonate more with leadership-oriented blogs than classroom-oriented blogs. So… my original list of New Voices highlighted folks that were administrators or were blogging about leadership issues. That group turned out to be mostly (entirely?) white males, thus the heavy skew that direction. With my new DABA initiative, I’m trying to highlight blogs that I find interesting and that I think deserve a bigger voice. I still resonate with leadership-oriented writing but am trying to make a concerted effort to highlight other folks too. So far with DABA I’ve highlighted a teacher, a principal, a technology integrationist, and a librarian. There are plenty of great teacher blogs out there: to find some, see the Edublog awards and my August 2007 attempt to capture the edublogosphere. There also are female school leaders doing some great blogging and I will highlight some of them in the weeks and months to come. In regard to your question about my criteria, there aren’t any other than what seems to capture my attention sufficiently so that I keep returning and reading. A few other bloggers also try to occasionally highlight new or interesting voices. If you know of some bloggers that deserve a bigger audience, add your list to the mix! Thanks for the questions. Your readership is much appreciated!

  5. Thank you all for stopping by, and I might add, I’m a woman 😉

    Thanks again Scott 🙂

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