There are a number of great sites that host how-to videos: SuTree, 5min, VideoJug, Expert Village, Vidipedia, and many more. Typically just a few minutes long, these types of videos seem like a perfect opportunity for K-12 and higher education students to display their expertise on some topic. If scientists can tap into the power of online video, educators should be able to as well.

My favorite educational how-to videos are the comma rules at Bionic Teaching. There's just something about those commas dropping down that's sheer genius! Wouldn't it be great if we saw more of this in K-12 classrooms? If creating is the highest level of Bloom's revised taxonomy, wouldn't how-to videos be one great way to foster this? Wouldn't TeacherTube (or some similar site) be a great location for students to upload these? I can envision high-school students creating resources for younger students, middle school students creating how-to videos for their parents, elementary students creating videos for each other, and so on…

Anyone out there making how-to videos with students? Give us some links so we can check them out!