Help wanted: 2008 education blogosphere survey

Last year I put out a call for bloggers to participate in the first annual education blogosphere survey. I reported the results several weeks later and reactions were generally positive.

In January I will launch the 2008 education blogosphere survey. I have some ideas for new questions and definitely will build upon the results from last year. If you have any questions that you would like to see included, please send them to me by Monday, January 7 for my consideration. Thanks!

FYI, here are the main questions I asked last year:

  • Would you quit your current job if you could support yourself and your family through blogging?
  • What’s the most valuable thing you get out of blogging?
  • What’s the most difficult thing for you about blogging?
  • Anything else you want to share about being an educational blogger?
  • How many feeds are in your aggregator?
  • What is the URL of your favorite NON-education blog?

5 Responses to “Help wanted: 2008 education blogosphere survey”

  1. Regarding, “What is the URL of your favorite NON-education blog?”

    But, Scott, me lad, it’s all educational.

  2. Okay, Michael, but that was last year. I’ll work on the language if I decide to include that question again!

  3. Hi Scott,

    It would interesting to have folks estimate the percentage of blog readers/writers in their own educational institutions. May be difficult, but telling.

    Good luck!


  4. I’d like to see you include a question about influencing other educators to blog about the profession. I’m not exactly sure what form that would take but maybe something like “Have you influenced a colleague to begin an education-related blog in the past year?”

  5. I second Doug’s notion of garnering a sense of how individual respondents fit into their education settings. Are they the exception, or part of a growing norm? As Doug says, probably a difficult percentage to get a handle on. In an attempt to get at just this kind of info, we surveyed Hamline University students, faculty, and staff last month about their awareness and use of blogging. One subset of questions asked respondents whether blogging was being used in their instructional setting, and if so, how effectively. Could be interesting to ask something along those lines—find out not only what blogging means on an individual level, but also how it may or may not be changing teaching and learning.

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