Here are five great education podcasts I’ve listened to recently (in reverse
chronological order), each from a different source:

  1. July 2007 – Angela
    McFarlane’s speech at the Building Learning Communities Conference
  2. June 2007 – Bruce
    Dixon’s speech at EduComm
  3. January 2007 – Ken Kay’s speech at
  4. January 2007 – Steve
    Hargadon’s interview of Chris Lehmann
  5. November 2006 – Richard Elmore’s speech at
    (I made this one and keep listening to it!)

I’m thinking this might be a good meme, so I’m tagging the following

Meme guidelines

  1. Choose five of your favorite education podcasts. Any kind of education podcast
    is okay – students, teachers, administrators, professors, etc. – feel free to
    pick ones that you’ve made yourself! Try and pick specific podcasts, not podcast
  2. Tag others for the meme. Feel free to participate even if you haven’t been
  3. Please use a Technorati tag of educationpodcast or
  4. Please add your selections to the Moving Forward podcasts wiki
    (and create categories as needed) so that others can benefit