Moving forward – Example wikis to use for presentations?

In August I announced a wiki, Moving Forward, that is intended to provide technology-related resources for everyone who gives presentations or delivers training workshops for K-12 or postsecondary educators. I asked readers to contribute blog-related resources and URLs to the wiki, including good classroom blogs and other blogs that can be used as models for educators.

A big thanks to everyone who contributed to the blogs page. We still could use some more model classroom blogs. It would be particularly nice if some of our ‘superhub’ bloggers could throw in a link or two. I know that many of these folks show examples to schools all the time and they’re extremely well-versed on cutting-edge stuff that’s occurring in the world of K-12 ed tech. The average educator who’s trying to facilitate technology-related change in his/her school or district could use some help. Can we give those folks a few choice links that they can show their staff as examples rather than making them dig around the Web trying to find their own?

In addition to my plea for more blog-related resources, I’ll now request some links to some good K-12 wikis. If you have some good examples of how teachers, students, and administrators are using wikis to facilitate their work, please add them to the Moving Forward wikis page.

Thanks in advance. We’re all in this together. Let’s help each other out?

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  1. Scott, It wasn’t clear to me when you first posted about Moving Forward what you were looking for. This helps a lot. I think I left a clarification comment under discussion there (perhaps a poor choice for communication). Instead, what I’ve done is appropriate the wiki for sharing examples of how to change policy, especially vis-a-vis blocking issues. I created a page there ( on changing policy. Since you didn’t tell me to take it down, I assume that was okay?

    I’ll be happy to add my classroom blogs and blogs I’m (trying) to link to on the blogs page.

  2. Sure. Add whatever you want. Whatever is helpful to folks…

  3. Just add something, right, lol.

  4. Thanks for the reminder! I’ll give you a link from ATC once I get my pen drive back from work!

    In the meantime, I’ve dropped a few links. It’s a shame I can’t just drop my feed from into Wikispaces. hmmm….

  5. Scott-you should contact the wikispace guys and change this to an official education site which would remove the advertising.
    Hope what I added will be helpful!

  6. Updated this morning with classroom blogs from my school as well as one staff blog. Hope it helps!

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