Ergonomic computing


The more time we spend at our computers, the more importance we need to place on proper ergonomics. Prevent repetitive stress injuries, back pain, and eye strain by checking out the resources below. Your body will thank you for it.

Is your primary computing place ergonomically correct?

Ergonomic resources

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  1. cheers on this help mate, looks great.

  2. This is the information we are currently distributing to employees on our area. There are TONS of people with neck and upper back pain from poor ergonomics.
    Unfortunately, they don’t know the main problems until after a good 5 – 8 years into it. If they could have prior knowledge, that would be great. Good job locating a great resource. I’m using it at my next lecture.

    Dr. Jerry Dreessen

  3. Hi
    Do you know if this image is copyrighted? I would like to use it for a website.


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