Banned books week

This week is the American Library Association’s Banned Books Week. The most-banned book of 2006? A multiple award-winning children’s picture book about two male penguins that adopt an egg.

Support your local library.

Cherish your freedom to read what you wish.


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  1. I’m taking a class for my Master’s at Walden University. My assignment is to research blogging as a method of professional interacting with colleagues from around the world, see if I like the idea/format, and then report back to my class. I found “dangerously irrelevant” while chasing links from one blog to the next.
    I’m responding to the Banned Book List. I am a 7-12 English instructor at a career center in southeastern Ohio.
    It upsets me every year, that books continue to be banned from libraries in the democratic United States. If the content is inappropriate, or you don’t agree socially with the content don’t check it out.
    I think libraries should furiously promote the banned book list, English teachers should spend that week talking about this subject. What a teachable moment. You would be surprised how many students have no idea that books are banned and they don’t have access.
    Freedom of speech is free expression and all access…
    “Your style of self expression is the primary means by which you will attempt to convey your thoughts, feelings, and ideas and to communicate your deep understanding of others’ experiences” (Kottler, et al, 2005, p. 79).
    We can’t preach one truth and then ban it in the next breath.


    Kottler, J. A., Zehm, S. J., & Kottler, E. (2005). On being a teacher: The human dimension (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

  2. Leisa, thanks for the comments about Banned Books Week. The best way to learn about blogging as a medium for interaction is to blog yourself! Absent that, check out some of the most trafficked edublogs:

    They get lots of comments and you can really get a sense of the dialogue that can occur. Best wishes for a successful course!

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