Post to your blog using Word 2007

I just learned you can post to blogs from Word 2007 (thanks, Six Apart!). Anyone doing this? If so, how’s it working?

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  1. I tried using Word 07 to write and post an entry to my blog but could never get it to connect to my WordPress set up. Still not sure why but then I didn’t work very hard at it either. I try to use Word of any variety as little as possible but that’s another issue. 🙂

    Just for the record, I use ecto for everyday composing, editing, and posting to my blog and am pretty happy with it. There are a few bugs I hope they clear up in the soon-to-be-released version 3, but overall, it’s worth the small cost (around $17, I think).

  2. I use Word 2007 for writing to one of my blogs. And I use it occasionally for others. I find it works prety well. But most of the time I use Windows Live Writer ( which is specifically for writing blogs offline. I use it with several blogging engines. I love that it lets me add tags easily, includes spellcheck and generally is well tuned for blogging. It is free.

  3. I use BlogJet for much of my blogging. Although it’s not free, it’s pretty powerful and very easy to use. For example, it’s super easy to switch between blogs and/or to post to multiple blogs at once.

  4. I don’t use Word 2007 for blogging, but apparently it spits out some horrendous code when it comes time to publish. I concur with the Windows Live Writer suggestion. It functions much like a word processor but is designed specifically for the blogging medium.

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