Know a great commenter?

In the blogosphere we pay a lot of attention to the folks who blog. We rarely, if ever, recognize those folks who comment. But of course the power of blogs would be greatly diminished if folks weren’t willing to add their commentary to others’ posts.

Do you know someone who always leaves great comments? Please recognize him or her with this badge (or make your own!). [Note: you must be given this award by someone else. You can’t just recognize yourself!]

Fantastic Commenter badge

I’d like to recognize the following folks (who can now post this badge with pride!):

Go ahead. Recognize someone. You know he/she deserves it!

15 Responses to “Know a great commenter?”

  1. Kudos to the three you chose Scott. Alice by far is probably my most avid reader at my Seeking the Wisdom blog. (

    Through her comments, we’ve been able to strike up a great friendship through email and IM, as well as throwing educational ideas off of each other. WTG Alice!

  2. I’ll nominate:
    Scott McLeod
    Pete Reilly
    Doug Johnson
    Tom Hoffman
    Mrs. Durff

    I feel like I’m leaving so many people out.


    With appreciation,
    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the

  3. Thanks, Miguel, for including me on your list. You probably need to let the other folks know somehow (besides a comment on my blog) that you’re recognizing them – great commenters all! Maybe a post on your own blog (hint, hint)? =)

  4. Thanks Scott! I’m a little bit wowed, and always appreciative of your site!

    Thanks again 🙂

  5. Okay, this is one of the nicest things to happen to me lately. Thank you Scott, you’ve been a fantastic help in my journey into education technology. I’ve meet some fantastic folks from your recommendations, etc. Now I’m going to put up a post on my blog before my pre-vacation hibernation about this and go back to sleep, lol.

  6. What a great idea! I guess I’ll have to give myself one. Perhaps I will add some bling to mine.

  7. Wow. You know you’ve made it when….

    Truly, I comment to learn myself and to hear from a well-regarded blogger like yourself that my comments are appreciated is like icing on the cake!

    As my own blog suggests, I think aloud (allowed), and the comment forum has been a terrific way for me to sort through my own thoughts and get feedback from voices I truly admire (in agreement or not).

    Professional validation is always valued and I hope that school leaders remember that as they work with their staff.

    Thanks for the mention…it means a lot.

  8. This is a great idea! I want to recognize three bloggers who comment frequently on all of my student blogs. Their comments are helpful, relevant, and very thought-provoking for the students.

    I nominate:
    Lani Ritter Hall
    Chris McIntosh
    Carolyn (not sure of her last name)

    Now I’m off to my blog to post about this post and share the same sentiments about these terrific commenters!


  9. Carol Fuller has no blog of her own but she is our Fairy Blogmother, here is an example:
    Carol took some poetry my children blogged and with her students turned it into a play which spanned the Atlantic and spawned its own blog:
    Andy in Aberdeen:
    gives regular encouragement to my class
    Ewan McIntosh (his mum is listed above) is not a frequent commenter on my classes blogs but when he does the ripples spread.

  10. Scott,
    Great idea. I know how much I appreciate comments. Sometimes they are affirmations that I have hit my mark, sometimes they are challenges to my thinking, and often they are sparks that propel me on to some new understandings.

    Miguel, once again, I owe you thanks for including me on your list. You definitely draw me into the conversation “Around the Corner”.


  11. Thanks for the recognition, Scott (via email). Validation is always a good thing 🙂


  12. Thank you forthe honor! While I enjoy hostng my own blog, comments drive the whole blogosphere. They bring the interactive aspect of blogging. I know I have learned so much from the conversations.


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