Half-finished or half-baked? 004

Random musings. Half-finished (and quite possibly half-baked) thoughts.
Things that have caught my eye…

Interesting perspectives on the infamous software study

Are we infantilizing adolescents?

The digital Taliban?

Attendance, technology, and placing blame

It’s all about the leadership …

… but we have to give them some decision-making power

Wiki wiki wa, wiki wa, wiki wiki wa


Unconscious racism

The way data-driven decision-making ought to be

Global challenge

Accountability for teacher prep programs

Violence in schools

  • If you were worried about violence in American schools, check out this UNESCO report.

A national platform for an anti-evolution Kansan?

When standards shift

Annie has the final word

If we stop using the tools of the real world at the school door, then what does school have to do with the world of the student? [at the FPS Technology Focus Blog]

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  1. The Project Implicit link is a big hit. I have a post that isn’t coming up on your links references it: http://mizmercer.edublogs.org/2007/06/14/things-ive-learned-while-teaching-black-children . During my recent birthday party, BIL spent tons of time doing the test (bet they never thought it would be a party game). I highly recommend it.

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