$2,000 pencils

I just ran across this Alan November post on the ‘laptop lashback.’ Here’s a great quote:

Teachers have not changed the way they teach. We are using $2,000 pencils.

Also, check out Comment 3…

2 Responses to “$2,000 pencils”

  1. It’s about the teaching…ALWAYS. But the tool cannot be blamed when the teaching is bad. And more importantly the students shouldn’t be punished by removing the tool that is essential to the learning of the thinking skills necessary to be prepared for their futures.

    A post on this.

  2. Yes, and my $4,500 SmartBoard is just a big chalkboard without the chalk.

    The unfortunate thing is that it can be, and is in some places.

    Think of all those feathers that were “put out of a job” when pencils became popular. No one is complaining about that anymore.

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