Secrets of success?

The secrets to a successful life? Wow. I’m hesitant to put myself anywhere
near the top of that list. But since Pete
Reilly tagged me
, I’ll share a few things that seem to be working pretty
well for me right now…

  1. Persistence. Over time, water, ice, and wind created the
    Grand Canyon. I try to be that persistent on matters that matter.
  2. Patience. Of course persistence requires patience and the
    ability to hold a long-term goal in my head for, well, a long term. I also work
    very hard to remain calm when life, people, and other bumps in the road occur.
    It’s a lot less stressful when I can say, “Let it flow over you. Be patient. It
    will all be fine in the end.”
  3. Finding something I care about. Once I’ve identified
    something I care about deeply, I try not to let anything or anyone stop me from
    doing it. If it requires ignoring people, taking a new job, moving to a new
    place, so be it. Excellence requires passion.
  4. Listening. Genuine listening – truly being in the moment
    with people and hearing what they have to tell you – is extremely powerful.
  5. Good cheer. I’m an optimist. I’m happy. I try to have a
    smile on my face as much as possible. People like happy people. I like being a
    happy person. I strongly believe in the power of personal choice. It’s not the
    situation; it’s how we respond to the situation that dictates our
  6. Joy in little things. Children’s giggles. A crisp sunny
    winter morning. A positive blog comment. The twinkle in my wife’s eye. I make it
    a point to find the joy in little things. The accumulation of a multitude of
    little delights sustains me when more challenging times arise.
  7. Spending time around little children. I’m a huge advocate
    of spending as much time around 2– to 9–year-olds as possible. Their laughter is
    infectious, their joy de vivre is catching. Preschools and elementary
    schools are happy places. Soak in the joy.
  8. Technology helps. Spreadsheets, a shared online calendar
    with my wife, mail merge, the ability to type fast, etc. I wouldn’t be nearly as
    productive without my mastery of some basic technology skills. I am both more
    effective and efficient because of digital technologies.
  9. Keep it simple. Simplicity helps bring clarity. For
    example, we have only two family rules for our kids: be nice and be safe. So far
    we haven’t come across anything that doesn’t fall under one of those

for the invite, Pete.
I hope this is what you were looking for. Although I
typically don’t forward these kind of things along, in this instance I’ll tag a
few folks to hear what they might have to say. FYI, this meme
started here

6 Responses to “Secrets of success?”

  1. A good list of a few things, here’s one to add – where would we be without vision? What we dream can be become reality – what we think definitely defines our actions (or lack there of)…

  2. Scott;
    All elements of a great leader and wonderful human being. We are most successful when we bring all parts of ourselves to our work.

  3. Scott,

    There were very few things on your list of success secrets that I DIDN’T identify with, and in many cases, I have actually written blog posts about those exact same concepts.

    So, obviously I agree with your perspective, and as powerful as your list of success secrets is, the list is also baseline simple.

    Just some basic strategies that don’t require a Ph.D. to implement, but anyone with a Ph.D. would be wise TO implement them.

    Great stuff, Scott – thanks for participating!

  4. Finally got mine done… And on spring break, no less!! Do I get extra credit?? 😉

  5. Your list made me smile. It is important to reflect on what makes one tick.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. Thanks for the invitation … it was an interesting challenge. I gave it my best shot:

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