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As part of his five-point proposal to reform schools, Chris Whittle, founder of Edison Schools, proposes that we create five ‘principal universities.’ As Whittle notes, these would be the equivalent of the Air Force Academy, West Point, and Annapolis but for K-12 school principals. Each would serve approximately 3,000 students, whose tuition and expenses would be fully covered.

Whittle believes that these universities ‘could dramatically enhance school leadership in the United States‘ (he’s got a similar idea to create five new teacher colleges too). It’s an interesting idea. I’ll have to think about this one a bit.

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  1. Instead of putting money into training educators and administrators in a centralized location, I think the money would be better spent in a “grow your own” type of a program. You’re going to find your best nuggets right in your own back yard. This is especially true in the rural areas.

  2. Rick–you make a good point, but I can see that idea going the way of corruption and loss in certain districts.

    I like Whittle’s idea for two reasons. The first is that creating these “academies” immediately creates a feeling of exclusivity surrounding the entrance and graduation from these “academies.” That feeling, I believe, is something that the educational field is lacking. Secondly, can you imagine the talented faculty that would be drawn into those centers? Putting that many bright people into a centralized location would be akin to what Christian Long talked about a while ago with creating the education versio of the TED Conferences.

  3. Chris Whittle

    Chris, my name is Tom and the reason I’m writing to you because I invented a new learning tool that I believe will revolutionize the way we teach our children. I admire what you do and I honestly think that our eductional system is broken, but I believe I can take up another notch.

    What would you say that I can teach more in 2 years than 12 years of pubic or private schools? After two years of teaching my idea, than teach the child how to think instead of learning how to pass tests.

    I invented a learning tool based on William Shakespeare and other successful writers.
    I would like to speak with you about get implementing this in the Edison School System.

    Thank you

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