Stop Cyberbullying Day

Andy Carvin at Learning Now has declared this Friday, March 30, to be Stop Cyberbullying Day. I encourage everyone to read Andy’s post and join in. Share a story, take a stand, but don’t be silent. You’ll see a post from me on this topic on Friday for sure.

Also, I made a few images for people’s web sites or blogs. They’re not the best but feel free to use them as desired.

3 Responses to “Stop Cyberbullying Day”

  1. Thanks for the images Scott. I went ahead and placed one in the sidebar of my blog already. I’ll be thinking over the next couple of days about my post for Friday. Keep up the great work.

    Brian Grenier

  2. I gave my students the assignment on how they would stop cyberbullying if they were principal. It has been a fruitful discussion so far. Tomorrow we will work on creating a form/survey (this is web design class) that a student would use for reporting abuse (I know there are online versions of this).

  3. Hi Scott

    I used the image on my blog as well — thanks so much!!

    Jennifer Wagner

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