What do 6 superintendents, 22 principals, 7 educational leadership professors, and 10 other central office / leadership folks have in common? They’re all blogging for LeaderTalk, the first group blog written by school leaders for school leaders.

LeaderTalk is intended to be a blog that is ‘the place to go’ for insightful, thoughtful,
reflective commentary about what it means to be a P-12 administrator
today. LeaderTalk is a blog that will express the voice of the administrator.

Over the coming months you will see a lot of insightful commentary and lively discussions about P-12 school leadership. We invite you to join our conversations and hope that you will publicize this new blog widely among your local administrative communities. We are continually looking for new voices to add to the discussion, so if you know any school leaders who might be good contributors, please nominate them for consideration.

LeaderTalk is a CASTLE project.

2 Responses to “LeaderTalk”

  1. Great idea. I will definitely be subscribing. I am constantly seeking blogs from administrators to reccomend to use as examples. Looks like you’ve got a great group already and I’ll definitely be subscribing. Thanks for putting it together.

  2. Terrific place for us to recommend to our administrators to get them using this technology. International schools are very isolating…this is something much needed for administrators…and striving-to-be ones too! Thanks.

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