Will Richardson says he’s
. I say we need
a plan
. Karl Fisch says we
have a pretty good anticipatory set
. Will says what next?

We need action on multiple fronts: schools, universities, policymakers,
business people, local communities. But we can’t start moving without having some
important conversations. So with that in mind…

Karl and I are working with XPLANE to
update the Did You
video because it seems to resonate with folks. We’re going to update
some of the facts, reframe some of the slides, turn down some of the global
alarmism, and turn up the visual attractiveness several notches. Our goal is to
make a version 2 that resonates with folks even more than the first one. But
we need your help.

Imagine that you’ve just showed Did You
to an audience of educators (or business people or
politicians or community members). What questions do you ask to
start the conversation about what’s next? In other words, we don’t want people
to just watch the video, say Wow!, and then continue to do nothing.
What questions should we be asking at the end to facilitate people
talking about and moving toward the creation of 21st century school

Here are some possibilities:

  • What should we expect high school graduates to be able to do in this new
  • What should we be doing to help K-12 educators make the transition to this
    new world?
  • How can we tap into students’ existing knowledge and skills in this
  • What kinds of supports are schools going to need to become 21st century
    learning organizations and how are we going to provide them?

I’ll stop here because I don’t want to shape your thinking any further, but
you get the idea. Please submit your ideas for good
end-of-video questions, as well as any other suggestions you have about this
project, as comments on this blog post or on Karl’s post. Thanks for
making a contribution to this important endeavor!