Comcast Newsmakers

Recently I had the good fortune to be a featured guest on Comcast Newsmakers, a show that runs occasionally after CNN Headline News and is viewed across Minnesota and western Wisconsin. I was part of a seven interview rotation, which meant that I was on the air a couple of times a day for the month of February. You can see see the YouTube video of my five minute interview or listen to it at Cable in the Classroom. Nothing too exciting, but my first time wearing makeup!

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  1. Scott–I particularly appreciated the way you described what an education in using technology can do for students who have a “natural enthusiasm” for it–“how to discern, to use judgment”. Well said and very understandable to the parents sitting at home watching you. Kimberly

  2. Awesome job, Scott! “Schools are not used to having to change as quickly as they have to now since technology has driven the pace of change…schools are less nimble than corporations and struggling to make it happen.”

    Right on target!

  3. Thanks for posting it!

    “How to discern, to use judgement” is the exactly what schools need helping students learn.

    I’ll be passing the link along.

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