Well, it appears that Did You Know? has gone viral (again?). Both Karl Fisch and I have been getting boatloads of e-mails and phone calls lately from non-education folks. Apparently Did You Know? broke out of the worlds of education and the education blogosphere into corporate / government life.

According to FeedBurner, Dangerously Irrelevant has about 400 subscribers right now:


The chart below shows what the traffic has looked like lately for Gone Fischin’, my blog post with the modified versions of Did You Know?. As you can see, over the weekend the number of visitors to the page started climbing and then really took off the last two days. I still can’t believe that nearly 2,000 people visited the page yesterday.


I’ve had to make several changes to the post to be clear that the presentation is not mine but Karl’s. I thought I had given Karl clear attribution before, but folks were still missing it. It doesn’t help when the e-mails that are floating around are just a direct link to one of the versions without any accompanying explanatory text.

As I said to Karl last night (who continues to be quite humble about his presentation), this is really a tribute to the emotional power of what he put together. This is fun stuff and a good example of the power of the Web.