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  1. Congratulations, Scott. Good article.

    Do you think a part of the reluctance principals have to blog is the liability they might face if they were to mention their work? I’ve been reading a bit about the responsibilities that professionals have not to name names, etc.

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  2. Thanks, Doug. It’s mostly a matter of finding time, I believe.

    Until we help principals understand the affordances that a blog might lend over a paper newsletter, static web page, or maybe an e-mail listserv, they’ll continue to do what they’ve done, regardless of whether it’s doing much for them in terms of effective communication.

    There’s also some concern about lack of family Internet access, althouh I think most principals would be surprised at the actual levels of Internet penetration in their communities.

  3. Scott/Doug,

    In case the trackback doesn’t work, here’s a link to my blog post in response to your comments here.

    Discincentives to leadership blogging among public officials

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