Yesterday I posted about some folks for whom I’m thankful. I have a few others to add that are a little more local. In addition to those I mentioned yesterday, I’m also thankful for…

  • my students, particularly those in our School Technology Leadership graduate certificate program. They stretch me professionally in ways I could never imagine and I am regularly recharged by their dedication, their energy, and their enthusiasm.
  • Joan, my CASTLE co-director, and the faculty in my department. Five years ago I said “Why don’t we apply to the U.S. Department of Education’s most competitive grant program to create the country’s first technology leadership graduate program?” None of them even blinked at the notion, and I have enjoyed that unblinking support ever since.
  • the many, many wonderful educators with whom I have gotten to work across the state of Minnesota. My academic life would be much less rewarding without the opportunities that I have had to roll up my sleeves and get into schools to help with the difficult work of making meaningful change for the benefit of kids.

Of course the folks for whom I am most thankful are the members of my family. My kids don’t always understand why I’m away sometimes ("when will Daddy be home?") but their unrelenting love and support are constants. They also are some of the few folks that really, truly understand that my "work" is anything but.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.